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  • When will the story reach Bangkok?

    This happens in Version 1.13 (general release 28 September 2021).

  • Will you ever add an even hairier pubic style than the "George W" bush

    The George W style is designed to fit under the bikini the agent wears in Malaysia, so this isn't something we're planning to do, but feel free to message Crushstation on Discord (he's Crushstation#8544 there) and pitch your hairy vision. 😀

  • Why is the female agent only white?

    Time limitations – creating other ethnicities is something we're planning to do, we just haven't got round to it yet because we need to create new art and code (e.g. new name lists). This is a popular request, though.

  • Can't use 1.11 save in 1.12, any instructions ?

    Unfortunately, saves aren't currently compatible between versions. We actually have a technical solution for this, but implementing it will take dev time that we haven't been able to allocate yet.

    We expect to introduce this feature reasonably soon, though, because we're aware that not everyone will want to play through the briefing and Malaysia just to get to new scenes in Bangkok.

  • Will there be a Downlaoadable version available, for those who prefer it?

    Yes. We do this inconsistently because it's a minor pain in the ass to package up the files for download. The best way to get this to happen is to nag Crushstation on Discord until he does it for you. (He is Crushstation#8544 there.)

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